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Regionale Kostbarkeiten_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost/Christine Wurnig

Regional specialities

From the farm, from handicraft businesses and wine cellars

The product search is a portal to products from the Weinviertel: the apricots, the potatoes and last, but not least, the wine. You can use the search to find pumpkin seed oil, apples, flour, game salami, Angus beef and many other products.


During your visit, you can convince yourself that production in the Weinviertel is honest, responsible and innovative. New ideas are generated, because people who are fulfilling a dream work here. Some of these people have turned a hobby into a profession, others are managing family businesses which have been passed on for generations and they have found new approaches on this grassroots basis.


For example, the following have developed: A self-service container, where you can purchase oils, wines, snacks and vegetables. A direct marketer, from whom you can purchase red potatoes, blue carrots and rare varieties of tomatoes. A town, in which you can browse magazines and try handmade chocolate pralines with accompanying jazz music. A garden with fragrant kiwifruit flowers, in which you can obtain Peruvian groundcherries, raspberry jam and nectar from Weinviertel bio-kiwis. An online shop, where you can order allergen free, vegan organic cosmetics and much more.


New ideas bring new impulses. Some of these also create international attention and become ambassadors of the Weinviertel. Weinviertel DAC is one of the best known examples of this.


Product search