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Exciting experience_Richard Semik,

Exciting experience

Experiences under a broad sky

Just 25 minutes from Vienna toward the north by car or rapid transit railway, and you are in the middle of another world: small villages and small towns, whose houses can be found in the depressions of the gentle hilly landscape. The Weinviertel offers many impressive experiences with its stunning serenity. For example, pilgrims appreciate the beautiful path of the Way of St. James Weinviertel.


The gentle hills of the Weinviertel are also suited for cycling. In recent years, an extensive network of cycle paths has developed here, which are well worth exploring.


The top excursion destinations, such as the museum village of Niedersulz, Heldenberg, Amethystwelt Maissau, Retzer Erlebniskeller or the Liechtenstein Palace Wilfersdorf are always worth a visit. In MAMUZ at the locations in Asparn and Mistelbach, prehistory, early history and medieval archaeology are processed scientifically, interactively and playfully.


Aside from the top excursion destinations, there is much to be explored, for example, the Nonseum in Herrnbaumgarten, Windmühle Retz, Schloss Mailberg or even a trip on the Weinviertel hand car: The former railway line leads from Ernstbrunn to Draisinenalm near Grafensulz and on to Asparn. Those looking for adventure will find it at the climbing park and by staying overnight in a forest cabin in Kreuzstetten.


Dining in the Weinviertel is a special treat that you will never forget. Great menus from regional chefs are served at elegantly laid tables on  warm summer evenings, accompanied by music and the wonderful wines from the region.