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KOST.bares Weinviertel_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost, Christine Wurnig

The KOST.bares Weinviertel project

The project KOST.bares Weinviertel serves to link direct marketers and the development of new offerings. It raises awareness about products from the Weinviertel and creates the foundation so that producers can network and learn about each other. PRO.dukt Weinviertel (Product Weinviertel) provides the stimulus improve product quality, marketing and communication.


Wine, apricots, apples, honey, flour, oats, oils, berries, potatoes, handicraft products and much more: The range of Weinviertel products is surprisingly large. PRO.dukt Weinviertel (Product Weinviertel) raises awareness and makes product ranges and contact details accessible to a wider public.


PRO.dukt Weinviertel (Product Weinviertel)  is supported by finding from the Federal Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry, the Environment and Water Resources, the province of Lower Austria, and the European Union. The contact partner and coordinator is LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost.



The LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost

The local action group Weinviertel Ost was established in 2007. It now comprises 58 municipalities from the districts of Mistelbach, Gänserndorf and Korneuburg. The location of the LEADER office is in Wolkersdorf. More information on current initiatives can be found on the website and the Facebook page.

List of municipalities in the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost



The LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost has three priorities for the current funding periods: Value creation, natural and cultural heritage and common welfare. PRO.dukt Weinviertel is part of the subarea of regional products in focus in the area of value creation.


Promoting innovative ideas

Do you have an innovative idea that corresponds to one of the three priorities of value creation, natural and cultural heritage and common welfare? You can find out whether it is eligible for funding from the LEADER programme on the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost website: You can also find calls for submissions on selected project topics on this website.



The LEADER Region Weinviertel-Manhartsberg

The local Weinviertel-Manhartsberg action group has been in existence since 2007, however the communities along the Czech border from Hardegg to Laa/Thaya have received support from the LEADER funding programme since LEADER II (from around 1995). 

The region now includes 24 communities from the districts of Hollabrunn and Horn. The LEADER office is located in the Hollabrunn Regional Centre of Innovation. The website and Facebook page contain information on current initiatives.

The list of communities in the LEADER Region Weinviertel-Manhartsberg 

Are you interested in LEADER funding in the Weinviertel-Manhartsberg region?



Association “Working Group for Land Development in the Hollabrunn Area”

The association “Working Group for Land Development in the Hollabrunn Area” was founded in 1996 under the leadership of the Hollabrunn District Chamber of Agriculture.

The original aim of the association work was to improve microclimatic conditions with landscaping measures, such as the planting of fruit trees, hedges, etc. The cooperation with various partners (e.g. communities, farmers, etc.) provided an important impetus and numerous projects could be realised.

In recent years, the association intensified efforts to create awareness of the value of regional farming production and added value. Various quality and marketing initiatives were supported in this respect.



Just the beginning

With PRO.dukt Weinviertel (Product Weinviertel), there is a pool of information on Weinviertel products and producers. On this basis, the LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost will start further initiatives in the areas of product quality, innovation and marketing. Producers gain an overview and they can network easier. Already in planning: Events with joint product presentation and marketing cooperation. Knowledge about supply and demand, which is obtained via the website, is incorporated into new product developments. The LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost will commence new calls for projects on this basis.


Current calls for projects