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Varied landscape_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost

Varied landscape

Breathe in the landscape and immerse yourself in the cellar lanes

Fertile and diverse, the Weinviertel extends over the northeast of Lower Austria and thus makes waves across the country. Fertile soils, the mild climate and the mostly small-scale agriculture ensure a diverse cultural landscape for rest and relaxation. People have found a place to live here since the Stone Age; they have shaped the landscape over around 40,000 years.


From the dry grasslands of Retz and Retzbach, the Buschberg mountain to the wetlands of the lowland rivers Thaya and Morava – the Weinviertel offers a habitat for numerous animal and plant species. Nature and landscape protection areas have been created in particular locations. 8 European nature reserves, including the Weinviertel cliff zone and the Morava-Thaya wetlands, are part of a Europe-wide network of protection areas to preserve biodiversity in the European regions.


The cultural-historical particularities of the Weinviertel are often concealed. Those who discover them will have lots to tell. Cellar lanes enrich the landscape and dip into the loess soil. They are part of the region’s cultural heritage. You can feel the history at the wayside cross, since these small memorials characterise and preserve what otherwise might fall into oblivion.