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The Weinviertel region is so precious

Where and how is grain milled to make flour? Where do hens lay eggs? How is flour processed into bread? How are eggs sorted?


We dedicate ourselves to these questions and much more in the KOST.baren Weinviertel (precious Weinviertel region).

Under the title “The Weinviertel region is so precious”, we present regional value-added chains of Weinviertel products. The development history of Weinviertel products is shown in videos.


We have carefully examined the development from egg to chicken and thus we have had the chance to observe the hatching chicks, the adolescent hens, the taking of eggs and the sale of eggs in regional trade.

We also took a look behind the scenes of the production of bread from grain. From cultivation to growth, harvest and work in the mill through to the regional sale.


The posts under the title “The Weinviertel region is so precious” pursue the goal of demonstrating and increasing awareness of regional products from the Weinviertel region, their development, their origin and their added value.


We would like to thank everyone who gave us insights into their work and thus enabled the making of the videos. All recordings shown in the videos were made in the KOST.baren Weinviertel. The Weinviertel region is so diverse and precious...