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Weinviertel food pyramid

[] Weinviertler Ernährungspyramide mit Beschriftung

The Weinviertel product world is so diverse that you can create your daily meals exclusively with Weinviertel products.

The Weinviertel food pyramid provides a good overview!



What is the Weinviertel food pyramid?

The Weinviertel food pyramid was created on the basis of the Austrian food pyramid. The variety of Weinviertel products and producers allowed the construction of the food pyramid with regional treasures. Alongside the health aspects of the foods, the focus is on freshness, regionality and seasonality.



How is the Weinviertel food pyramid constructed?

The pyramid consists of six food groups and one beverage group. The lower the food on the pyramid, the more should be consumed or the more frequently it should be a part of recipes. Daily and generously from the lower four groups, and less and with pleasure from the upper three groups.



Your personal Weinviertel food pyramid

In order to well integrate the Weinviertel food pyramid into everyday life, there is a table display for children and adults. Simply print out, cut out and stick together the cut-out-sheet in A3 format and your personal Weinviertel food pyramid is complete.



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