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Eating regionally and seasonally is very easy. Usually, it is enough to know when you can get which types of fruit and vegetables fresh from the Weinviertel. Our seasonal calendar will help you! Click on the individual product image to go directly to our search and find producers, products and even recipes with your favourite type of fruit and vegetable.

Discover our annual seasonal calendar and the individual months and find producers and products in your area

You can download our annual seasonal calendar here. You can find a version with a white background so that you can print out our seasonal calendar here.

Apart from our seasonal calendar, you can find delicacies from the Weinviertel month by month in our seasonal offer.

Would you like to find out more about seasonal food in the Weinviertel? Here you will find recipe ideas for a whole week. You can read the Weinviertel food pyramid and information about it here,


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