Things to know

Things to know about the KOSTBARES Weinviertel

Discover the culinary delights and the special landscape of Weinviertel. Learn interesting facts about the precious products and everything that grows and is produced in Weinviertel. Of course, Weinviertel’s rich product assortment is not complete without the quintessential Grüner Veltliner. Enjoy the vast variety of other delicacies. Get unusual and typical recipes as well as tips and tricks – for young and old.



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Delicacy calendar

This can be enjoyed regionally and seasonally in the KOSTBAREN Weinviertel. Learn more

Saisonales Angebot

Entdecke das Saisonale Angebot und die Produktvielfalt des KOSTBAREN Weinviertels. Learn more


Entdecke unser Kinderrezeptheft und zaubere mit Betty Bernstein 11 kinderleichte Gerichte mit regionalen Produkten. Learn more
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Learn how to cook old, typical Weinviertel dishes

Put on your aprons and watch: our short videos show you how to recreate ten typical Weinviertel dishes. Learn more
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Aufkochen – The somewhat different Weinviertel cookbook

The cookbook ‘Aufkochen’ (German for Boiling) offers old, typical Weinviertel dishes as well as insights into traditions and customs. A perfect way to keep a rich heritage alive. Check out where the book is available near you. Learn more
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Weinviertel apricot menu

Let yourself be inspired by our Weinviertel apricot menu and discover how many different culinary uses Weinviertel apricots can be put to! Learn more
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Eating regionally made easy

You think eating locally is expensive and time-consuming? Think again! We show you how you can easily integrate regional ingredients into your diet. Learn more
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Offers from the women farmers

Discover the courses offered by the female farm life instructors on a wide range of topics! Learn more

Videos ‘Weinviertel is so precious’

Under the title ‘Weinviertel is so precious’, we take a look behind the history of Weinviertel products. Learn more
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Weinviertel food pyramid

Eat regionally and healthily – the Weinviertel food pyramid shows you how it’s done. Learn more
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Offers for children

Discover our range of products for children – from colouring templates and cut-out sheets to a handbook for businesses. Learn more

Apricot season in Weinviertel

Check out where you can find apricots near you. Get inspired by tasty recipe ideas and watch the video on how to make apricot dumplings! Learn more