Weinviertel apricot menu – step-by-step instructions

Be inspired by our Weinviertel apricot menu and try out the recipes!

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Discover how versatile apricots can be. They can be used in jam, dumplings or a variety of other dishes from aperitifs to starters and desserts – everything made of apricots from the Weinviertel.
From apricot bruschetta to baked vegetables with apricots to nut apricot crumble – Weinviertel apricots offer a multitude of culinary possibilities. Browse through the recipe ideas and prepare your own Weinviertel apricot menu!

Marillenfrizzante_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost/simsan-fotografie

Apricot frizzante

Aperitif: Apricot meets frizzante Learn more
Marillenspritzer_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost/simsan-fotografie

Apricot spritzer

Aperitif: Apricot meets Weinviertel wine Learn more
Marillenbruschetta_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost/simsan-fotografie

Apricot bruschetta with goat cheese

Starter: The Italian classic in Weinviertel style Learn more
Hendlhaxl trifft Marille_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost/simsan-fotografie

Chicken knuckle meets apricot

Main course: A delicious and unusual combination Learn more
Ofengemüse mit Marillen_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost/simsan-fotografie

Oven-roasted vegetables with apricots

Side dish: Vegetables and fruit get on well together Learn more
Marillencrumble_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost/simsan-fotografie

Nut apricot crumble with stewed apricots

Dessert: American cuisine adapted for Weinviertel Learn more