Apricot season in KOSTBARES Weinviertel

Did you know that Weinviertel is Austria’s largest apricot growing region?


Our sun-drenched region not only offers perfect conditions for growing excellent wines. It is also the perfect climate for apricots. So much so that Weinviertel accounts for a third of Austria’s total apricot cultivation area. With 325 hectares of apricot trees, Weinviertel is Austria’s largest apricot-growing region.


More than 400 different apricot varieties grow in Weinviertel. Thanks to the different varieties, fresh apricots are available in Weinviertel from June to October.

Despite the sweet taste, the sugar content of apricots is low. This makes it a ‘superfood’. The orange fruit adds special taste profiles to desserts, boiled down as jam, processed into sheet cake or in traditional apricot dumplings. But apricots also taste great in drinks and salads or with chicken.

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