Aufkochen – The somewhat different Weinviertel cookbook with old recipes and stories about life in the eastern Weinviertel region

The somewhat different Weinviertel cookbook ‘Aufkochen’ contains typical, old Weinviertel dishes as well as traditions and customs – thereby helping to keep them alive.

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Preserving old Weinviertel dishes was the first idea of the team of the LEADER Region Weinviertel East in 2019.This has resulted in a cookbook that – besides typical Weinviertel dishes – also reflects life in the eastern Weinviertel region with its traditions and customs.

This book is based on visits to nursing homes in Mistelbach, Poysdorf, Wolkersdorf and Zistersdorf. The residents’ accounts of their lives, their stories and memories provided the ideas for the design of this book. The Weinviertel farm life instructors then prepared and cooked the recipes. The historian Wolfgang Galler contributed his technical expertise for the book.

The main goal is for the population to revive local dishes and for regional products to have a permanent place in the kitchen. At the same time, Weinviertel customs should not be forgotten. We hope you enjoy recreating these traditional Weinviertel dishes and commend you on your adventurous spirit to try something new. Good luck and bon appétit!

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