Eating regionally made easy

Recipe suggestions for your regional week!

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Spargel_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost

Eating regionally does not have to be hard on your wallet. Nor does it mean that you have to spend hours shopping. But it does require a little planning. We have put together recipes and ingredients for three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for a week. Use them as inspiration.

We wish you lots of fun with regional cooking!

Grüner Salat_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost


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Weinviertler Gröstl_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost


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Linsen-Erdäpfel Eintopf_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost


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Eierspeisbrot_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost


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Spargel_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost


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Faschierte Laibchen_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost


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Grillen_LEADER Region Weinviertel Ost


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